Sister’s spring skiing one Saturday above Sawtooth Lake

Amanda and I decided to get out of town for memorial day weekend and head up north into the Sawtooths for some potential skiing and most likely bootpacking. I had the great idea that we should go to Sawtooth lake and see what we could find, and Amanda had the great of idea of backpacking into the lake instead of just car camping. So we load up more than we needed on our backs and walked on the dirt trail about two hours till we got to the snow.



The skin was probably the hardest part with a weird melty snow so we switched to bootpacking pretty fast. It was Amanda’s first time ever bootpacking and I think she enjoyed it more than the weird skin… (We both slid into trees and backwards and well you know… that level of funky). We got up there and ate lunch and decided that it was going to be light for so long, and so cold up there that night that we should just ski down and car camp for the night instead. The Stanley Bakery for breakfast was also a major incentive.

It was great training to carry all of the backpacking gear though. The extra lbs really makes you stronger by the end of a long day, and by stronger I mean way more deserving of all the beer.


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